Hey everyone!  My name is Kevin and I am the owner of Kevin's Custom Creations located in Annapolis, MD. The story of this business started a couple years ago, when my brother and his wife bought their house.  What they quickly discovered was that furnishing a house is quite the expense! He started to do some research, and found out that a lot of these expensive pieces could be recreated for a fraction of the cost. Throughout the builds, I was his right hand man, and that was really all it took to spark my interest in woodworking.  Over the next couple years my interest turned into a passion and my passion into a small business!

Here at Kevin's Custom Creations, we specialize in creating indoor and outdoor furniture, décor and pretty much anything that is made of wood! I am looking for my next challenge so contact me today, and together we can start the process of creating your next custom build!


  1. Farmtable Pre-stain
    Farmtable Pre-stain
  2. Pub Style Table
    Pub Style Table
  3. Mason Jar Wall Art
    Mason Jar Wall Art
  4. Floating Shelves
    Floating Shelves
  5. Coffee/Tea Bar
    Coffee/Tea Bar
  6. Custom Cornhole Boards
    Custom Cornhole Boards
  7. "X" Leg Farmhouse Table w/ benches
    "X" Leg Farmhouse Table w/ benches
  8. Flower Centerpiece
    Flower Centerpiece
  9. Lego Table
    Lego Table
  10. Barnwood Coffee Table
    Barnwood Coffee Table
  11. Mudroom Coat Rack
    Mudroom Coat Rack
  12. Chair Restoration
    Chair Restoration
  13. "X" Shelving
    "X" Shelving
  14. Office Desk
    Office Desk
  15. Barnwood Coffee Table
    Barnwood Coffee Table
  16. Mosaic Coffee Table
    Mosaic Coffee Table
  17. Farmhouse Table
    Farmhouse Table
  18. Ottoman Tray
    Ottoman Tray